I was brought up in Israel. During my teen years I’ve discovered a strong interest in music which led to picking up a few instruments, mainly the guitar. I then started writing songs, and with the latest technologies of the new millennium I could do what musicians always dream of – plug in, press the red button and create a new world.

I spent 2002-2007 playing many band and solo shows. This allowed me to have the fundamental understanding of music making in the real world vs. the studio. Ever since then I always try to visualise every bit of music I create being played on stage.

I arrived to London in 2007, and got my break in the industry in 2008. Ever since then I’ve been working in several studios, including Berwick Street Studios, Soho Studios, Denmark Street Studios and many more.

Companies and clients I’ve worked with include: Acid Jazz Records, Ninja Tune Records, Air B’n’B, Short Form Films, JK Rowling and many more.

Artists I’ve worked with include: James, Fink, Peter Andre, Sway, John Power, Kimberley Wyatt and many more. In addition to that I’ve worked with many dozens of unsigned artists, bringing their songs and ideas to the full potential.